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Ours is a professional organisation offering Business Consultancy Services  in Mumbai & Pune,  specialized in consulting for,

1) Setting up of eCommerce venture for an Entrepreneur, a Retailer, a Brick & Mortar Organisation

2) Cloud migration project of Medium & Large Enterprises

Our founder & CEO Mr. Vijay Mahajan is an expert in the above areas & is well-known in industry. He has an industry experience spanning 37 years, of which 17 years is in IT Infrastructure & Cloud Computing. He was instrumental in setting up of an ecommerce organisation and was a CEO of that organisation for 3 years. During his professional career Vijay has mentored many young professionals on their path to become eCommerce Entrepreneurs. His guidance in eCommerce helped many young entrepreneurs to become successful. He holds a goodwill in the IT fraternity as an expert in the areas of IT Infrastructure, Information security and Cloud computing. 

Our CEO & Founder VV Consulting

Our CEO & Founder VV Consulting


We are a team of major eCommerce platform players, public Cloud Service providers and Technology experts in eCommerce & Cloud.

We want to ensure that we provide all our clients the right consultation from strategy to project implementation. With our experience in the fields of eCommerce and Cloud, our study is extensive which is followed by a practical consultation.

We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you! - Together we will achieve success!