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Hybrid & Multi Cloud scenario is inevitable for  Large & Medium Enterprises

Cloud Migration service

 Our Cloud Migration service is not only IT Consulting but also involved Business considering migration to Cloud Computing is Strategic Project. If your business needs IT agility (which your business leaders expect), you should embrace Cloud.


All digital initiatives (AI & ML) should be in IoT Cloud of suitable Public Cloud Service Provider.

All Web applications which are mostly accessed by partners should be in Public Cloud.

Explore modernising  legacy  applications on open stack & migrate to any Public Cloud. If  not, Legacy applications & ERP with “on-premise software licenses” can be migrated to respective ISV’s (Independent Software Vendor) Cloud.

Few applications might have to be continued to run in on-premise DC (due to Technical constraint or Tactical reasons) OR co-located to private Cloud.

There will be HYBRID & MULTI-CLOUD scenario. 

We have practical experience of moving large & complex applications to Cloud. We will work with you to make your  Cloud Journey successful.