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Our consulting approach


A) For eCommerce Business Consulting

eCommerce business is not just to create a commerce website & start selling goods online. It needs market study, understanding of customer’s needs & behavior, strategy for product-market-time fit, process planning, right organisation structure & people. We take partnership approach for our  consulting services in eCommerce. We take step-wise approach in consulting assignment. 

 Steps for eCommerce Consulting:

Step 1)   Implementation Concept (Study)

a) For existing business: an in-depth study of existing business, sales & marketing set-up & IT set-up. 

b) For Startups: discuss concepts with the promoter, study the business landscape & market report (if product-market fit study is already done)

Step 2) Business Buy-in (Workshop)

a) For existing business: Workshop with Sales & Marketing team and concur on approach & broad plan for eCommerce journey. 

b) For startups: Deep-stick audit (validation) of market study & business concept.

Step 3) Detail Plan: Jointly work on detail plan including category & product list, eCommerce platform selection, content management, pricing, payment & logistics solution, Returns handling, Call-Center process

Step 4) Implementation: Category & Product team,  Marketing Team, Operations Team & IT team are required to complete the projects on time. We alongwith business will on-board Partner for eCommerce Site developer. Project Management principle will be adhered to ensure timely completion.

B) For Cloud Migration Consulting

Cloud Migration is a strategic Project and has to have buy-in from senior management. Hence Cloud Strategy is pre-requisite for Cloud Migration project. We can help CIOs to create Cloud Strategy. Following are steps where we will partner with internal IT department to successfully complete Cloud Migration project.


Steps for Cloud Migration:

Step 1) Study of current IT Landscape: Detail study of your current IT landscape and analysis of existing applications is done. We will categorise all applications into Sun-setting applications, Legacy applications to be archived, Cloudable applications & Applications to be continued on premise.

Step 2) Business Case &  Business Buy-in:  Gather data on existing cost of running applications in in-house data centre  & compare with cost of hosting on Cloud.  Prepare business case  with IT Team giving cost/ benefits. Prepare high level migration plan indicating challenges & support required from Management &  Application owners, help CIO to get Business buy-in for the project.

Step 3)  Detail Plan: After business approval, jointly work on detail plan including recommendation for suitable CSP (Cloud Service Provider) for each application. Prepare Milestone Plan for all applications migration, budget and team required. For large organisation, it will be a multi-cloud scenario. Integration & data-flow is very critical.

Step 4) Migration (Implementation): Our role is Project Management. If there is no in-house team for actual migration, we will rope in our team for actual migration. We will ensure no disruption of business during application migrations. If business & IT agree for modernisation of application to get benefit of Cloud, our team is expert in doing the same.